Fees and Costs

Many people put off consulting with an immigration attorney, or worse, seek immigration assistance from unlicensed "immigration consultants", "visa services" and "form preparation services" or, try to utilize "do it yourself kits" because of misunderstanding, uncertainty or fear about attorney's fees and other legal costs.

We feel that a candid discussion of attorney's fees and government costs is the best way to address client concerns and we are happy to provide you with our fees and expected Government and third party costs in these cases. Our fees in these types of cases are generally "flat fees" and cover all described services.

We customarily quote a "flat fee" for handling a case from beginning to end once the prospective client has advised of us the facts of his case, including any potential problems of which he is aware. We feel strongly that prospective clients must know, in advance, what their attorney's fees and costs will be for handling their case from beginning to end so that they can make informed choices about whether they wish to retain our law firm to assist them.

Please note that we do not offer marketing oriented pricing schemes such a multi-tiered "packages" or other "bait and switch" gimmicks. We practice law the old fashioned way. While we certainly have routine flat fees for most routine cases, our flat fees for handling your case are ultimately based on our honest professional assessment of the individual facts of your case. If it's a routine case, it's our routine fee. If it's a limited service representation, it may be less. If it is a highly complex case, it may be more.

Whatever the facts of your case, you will know the entire fee before you decide to retain us.

For details on fees and costs in routine Thai Beneficiary cases, please see below:

OTHER COUNTRIES: Please note, cases in which the beneficiary is resident in a country in Asia or South Asia other than Thailand are typically somewhat higher than fees in Thai cases to account for additional expenses involved. Please contact our office for details on the country you are interested in. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed fee quotation.

MULTIPLE FAMILY MEMBERS FILING AT THE SAME TIME: Also, in cases where, for example, more than one petition must be filed in order to facilitate the immigration of multiple family members at the same time, it our policy to reduce the fees on additional family members in the group to account for savings made with duplication of portions of the file between multiple family members.

For an evaluation of the facts of your case and quotation
of fees and costs, please contact our Managing Director

William F. White, Esq.

Choosing a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertising. We welcome specific inquiries regarding our services, experience and qualifications. Inquiries may be directed to our experienced American Immigration Attorneys by CLICKING HERE

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